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Parkside is a premium engineering and design partner for custom software development.

Our clients trust our expert teams to design, enhance and scale digital products and transform legacy platforms into market-leading solutions.

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We combine software development, UX/UI design, product development and technology consulting in unprecedented ways to deliver better software faster.

Our clients benefit from flexible access to our fully managed, cross-functional co-creation teams and individual services.

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We work with disruptive innovators & give rise to market leaders.
Our clients vouch for the uncompromising quality of the products we develop.
"This experience far exceeds my experience with other companies. From a technical point, it was outstanding. They also generate great ideas."
Red Bull Media House — Project Manager
"The experts brought in by Parkside showed exemplary commitment, perseverance, a solution-driven attitude as well as seniority that can facilitate the business decisions also on the client side."
Mikko Knuuttila — Intrapreneur
"We are thrilled to work with Parkside as they provide an integrated approach between UI/UX and Engineering. This allowed our engineers to implement a user experience that created emotional attachment and more human experience."
Søren Eilertsen — CEO
"Parkside Interactive’s work was met with positive acclaim. The team was collaborative and listened to client feedback in order to deliver a quality product. Customers can expect a thoughtful team that excels at ideation."
Andreas Hafellner — COO
"Parkside's work was a game changer for lynda.com. They allowed us for the first time to fulfill our ubiquity strategy of everywhere, all the time. The apps gained the highest reviews in company history."
Eric Robison — CEO
"Parkside has been instrumental in building up video2brain. We could focus on the content and they designed and developed our platform and all the applications we needed."
Gerhard Koren — Founder
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