We are— Software Developers, UX & UI Designers, DevOps Specialists, Product Owners, Software Architects, Mobile Developers, Cloud Native Technology Experts, Quality Assurance Buffs, Based in Austria, International, Shipping to Silicon Valley —developing beautiful software that works.
Who we are
We’re a team of over 70 digital enthusiasts based in Austria and Silicon Valley. Since 2005, we help innovative companies to build, improve and scale digital products and turn legacy platforms into next-generation solutions.

We craft teams to turn visions into reality and those teams function extremely well. We’ve got the right people, with the right experience, who love working together. That’s what sets us apart.

Our headquarters
1.500 m2 of sleek office space to work, create, explore & play in.

The years since 2005 have been an incredible journey for us. From our first clients to the big bang in the United States — what started out small has turned into something bigger, surpassing all of our expectations and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

We’ve created digital applications for top brands across various industries.
Together, we —

generate 10 million page views a week, write 1.000 Slack messages a day, write 100.000 lines of code per project, held over 200 Parkside Academy sessions, drink 21.470 cups of coffee a year, manage 200 pull requests a week, played 3.600 foosball matches

— create interactive experiences that people love to use.

What we love

Agile Development, Continuous Integration, Peer Reviews, Design Thinking, Functional Reactive Programming, iOS, Webpack, Android, Typescript, React, Windows, Zeplin, Apple TV, Symfony, Node.js, Java, Kubernetes, PHP, Flow, Angular, Buildkite, JavaScript, Redux, Oculus, WebGL, Emscripten, C#. Still there? Swift, Kotlin, C++, Turbo Pascal ;-), Node.js, NestJS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Spring Boot, Linters, Selenium, AWS, GCP, Jest, JUnit, Postman, Swagger, Kibana, WordPress, Typo3, Bootstrap, LESS/SASS, Gulp, Docker, Varnish, Laravel, Redis, GIT, Jira, Jenkins, Selenium, Lumen, Confluence, jMeter, VR, Vive, Sketch, Abstract, Invision & Adobe Creative Cloud.
Up Next
— Our Values
Discover the core
of our culture.