Angular Boot Camp

Nov 11th 2019

In his everlasting quest to share his knowledge, our Angular dev Juan Herrera set up an intensive boot camp to train our curious developers to be experts in the highly popular JavaScript framework.

There are always people who want to contribute to expanding the vast knowledge base in the company. While this is commonly done through our Academy sessions, Juan decided to take it a step further by providing our developers with the opportunity to take a deep dive into what has become a core technology at Parkside over several weeks.

Here’s what he can tell us about it:

“The training covers all the core concepts and practical knowledge required to build professional Angular applications. Among the topics we cover are SPA, TypeScript, Architecture, Data Binding, Services, HTTP, RxJS, Routing, Modules and much more. After undergoing this training, the participants will understand how to use Angular effectively by building a real-world example. We will go through several hands-on exercises where they will get to know the main concepts of building a robust Angular web application.

  • Who: The boot camp is completely open for any of our developers who are interested. This time we have 20 participants!
  • Why: Parkside has adopted Angular as part of our core given its robustness and quality. Training our employees internally will give us more resources for that!
  • What: The boot camp is a hands-on intense training aimed at people who have never used the framework before and want to learn its best practices.
  • When: It’s divided into 8 sessions of 3 hours each, during a span of 3 weeks. We are meeting in the afternoons from 1 to 4 pm.”
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