Communities of Practice

Mar 24th 2020

At Parkside we’re all about continuous learning and integrating it into our everyday work, which is why we have recently introduced CoPs – Communities of Practice. Although it might sound like something strict, the opposite is the case – CoPs are here to form communities around specific disciplines and areas of interest at Parkside.

A space where know-how and experience around topics such as Frontend Development or Automated Testing is shared – in an informal way across teams – is an excellent way for those who might not be working together daily to meet. It also ensures that important know-how and information is spread company-wide.

CoPs can be initiated as a long term endeavour or for a shorter period of time – whenever a topic is ‘hot’ right now. Within every CoP, Parkside team members can organise workshops or boot camps to introduce new technologies and/or features to their coworkers. Every community is self-managed, so there is a lot of creative freedom when it comes to how know-how is passed on.

Why we decided to launch CoPs

The purpose of CoPs is to continuously increase knowledge and improve skills throughout the company. While we already have the Parkside Academy up and running, we also wanted to create a space for more ongoing and continuous learning. CoPs will help teams to accelerate their skill sets and be better equipped to tackle projects/tasks more efficiently. To provide a framework, we have also defined three key roles for every community:


A person who organises and moderates meetings – keeps the group on track.


The drivers shape the definition and direction of the CoP together.

  • Definition of vision & purpose
  • Identification of focus-topics
  • Managing of the defined tasks
  • Building the knowledge database

Members participate when certain topics of interest are addressed or when they can contribute to the group. They support the drivers with planned tasks according to knowledge, interest and time.

We’ve just launched the following Parkside CoPs and are excited to see the communities get together, set agendas and evolve as they go along:

  • DevOps
  • Frontend Dev
  • Backend Dev
  • Test Automation
  • Agile
  • DesignOps
  • Security

Stay tuned to hear more from our CoPs which are bound to give us an update soon!

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