Health & Well-Being at Parkside

Nina Thonegg
Human Resources
Apr 21st 2020

At Parkside, keeping our employees healthy is on the top of our priority list. Because we believe that having happy and healthy employees by creating a work environment where the team can thrive, is essential for achieving exceptional results. In fact, we don’t just believe in it — we’ve got the science to back it up too.

Here is a list of 6 ways we ensure the Parkside team stays healthy:

Optimal work set-up

When you spend so much time working on the computer, things like your chair height or screen light can make a huge difference to your overall health, well-being and productivity. 

Employees working in the IT sector spend about 8 hours sitting at their desk every day. So a lot of thought should be put into how they’re set up. At Parkside, employees can choose their equipment to ensure they feel as comfortable as possible — choices range from ergonomic chairs, adjustable tables to a specific mouse they prefer to use.
Research has shown that having sit-stand desks are beneficial but need to be optimized individually. Which is why we also work with a professional consultant who helps us optimize every single workspace by checking seat and desk heights, ensuring the screens are set at correct distances and more.

Healthy snacks 

We’ve also introduced a fruit basket, healthy cereal mixes, nuts and organic teas — which are free for everyone to take. Many of us know that these are healthy foods — but do you know why? We dug up some scientific research and fun facts on why you should incorporate these into your workday. 

Harvard recently published a study asking 120,000 participants at regular intervals for 30 years about their nutrition. The study found that those who ate nuts regularly lived a healthier and longer life. If you’re not big into eating nuts alone, or don’t know how to incorporate them into your daily eating habits, we combined the article’s tips with ours to show you how to sneak them into your food:

  • Sprinkle chopped nuts into your cereal or yogurt in the morning
  • Spread some nut butter onto some whole wheat toast (preferably sugar-free) 
  • Toss nuts into your salad (you can also lightly roast them beforehand in a pan, the nuts contain enough oil and taste delicious roasted)
Flexible working hours & compensatory time off

Having flexible working hours allows our employees to work as effectively as they can and according to their optimal routine. We also offer compensatory time for a better work-life balance if you have worked more than your set amount of hours outlined in your contract. So if things get very busy with a project one month and you exceed your usual working hours, you can take some time off at a later stage. On the other hand, some of our employees work a 4-day week or part-time — which usually leaves more room for family life. 

Exercise promotion 

Regular exercise has seemingly endless health benefits, which is why we want to encourage employees to move their bodies regularly. 

Slackbot Alan

We’ve recently added a little helper to our everyday work that keeps us on track — Slackbot Alan. Alan sends tips to our team on which exercises they can do or what they should watch out for at their workspace — to ensure everything is set up correctly for their well-being. He’s also great for keeping us on track when it comes to working too much overtime, suggesting to take some time off when our hours have added up.

Bi-weekly yoga sessions

Sitting all day isn’t the best for your posture, so we’ve introduced yoga twice a week to Parkside. Not only does it keep people fit — but it’s also a great team activity away from desks and meeting rooms.

Run, run, run 

Every year the Parkside team joins business runs or marathons. Those who want to participate can sign up, and Parkside will fully compensate their registration fee and get a cool t-shirt to represent the team. 

Creativity and design also lie at the core of the work we do and getting out of your daily routine to stretch, run and move your body can get the creative juices flowing.

Regular check-ups keep the doctor away

Although we do hand out apples, we’re not convinced that they’ll do the trick alone.

Regular health check-ups by health professionals can prevent bigger health issues down the road. Which is why we have a doctor come every quarter to check and carry out vaccinations. We also work with our local optician to test eyesight, which is especially important when working on computer screens for such long periods of time every day.

Parkside Pulse Check

Once a year we carry out an extensive employee survey — including a big health and well-being section — which allows employees to actively be a part of creating a healthy work environment. 

Our pulse check includes a workplace mental and physical stress check. From the results of the survey, a catalogue of measures is created to continuously improve the mental and physical well-being of Parkside employees. Examples of things we have implemented so far include chairs to hang out on our balcony and hosting feedback-training sessions.

Employees being able to voice their opinions and needs on how we can create a work environment where they can feel their best is essential to their overall well-being and is something we take great pride in here at Parkside. 

Your health is your greatest asset and we’re here to help taking action towards a healthy lifestyle and more well-being easy.

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