Summer Event 2019: To Shoot a Fake Deer

Kenan Kokić
Freiland bei Deutschlandsberg
Jul 19th 2019
Group on the way to the course

The Apollonian sport that has been traversing eras for millennia — from the Epipaleolithic age onward over the classical antiquity to the present day, where we may now put our innate hunting abilities to the test in specially designed courses. What is being alluded to and what we have had the immense pleasure of trying our hand at in this year’s summer event is, of course, archery.

Deciding where to wreak havoc by way of a company outing can be a daunting task. However, in an internal vote on what this summer event’s activity should be, completing an archery course turned out to be the most popular option. Thus, on one merry morn at 8am, we set off to Freiland bei Deutschlandsberg in the south of Styria.

Group gathering for summer event

Once at the site and having split into groups of 5, we first savored some light refreshments and then promptly went on to begin target practice. This also served as a crash course in which we were instructed in the fundamentals of archery. Given that only two groups could complete the warm-up at a time, the rest was guided through a lovely museum in the meantime that had once been the family house of the owners of the land.

With the target practice completed, each group departed to their own little course in the forest where the goal was to shoot statuettes of animals of all sizes such as bears, rabbits and even dodos. Occasional moving targets made the course a challenge, although the fact that one could shoot from four possible distances ensured we could adapt the difficulty to our skill.

At the end of the course, we all gathered at a final refreshment station before heading for a Buschenschank, where the day of sportsmanship was brought to a convivial close with fine wine, scrumptious cheese & meat platters, sweet pastries and card games.

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