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Open positions
in Graz, Austria

Are you looking to work hands-on with an international team on challenging projects that will push your skills and confidence?

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Fair deals!

No all-in contracts, collectively negotiated agreement for IT professionals, 38.5 hour work week, up to 20 days of compensatory time per year.

Latest tech stack

Work on cutting edge development devices and make use of the latest tech – React, Angular, NodeJS, Swift, WebGL, Kotlin, Docker and so much more.

Conference trips

Attend your favorite international conferences like ReactiveConf, dotJS, AppBuilders, Intern. PHP Conference, UXLx.

Help with relocation

Leaving your home country is a challenge. To make things easier, we’ll handle the work permit process (RWR card) as well as covering your travel expenses.

U.S. trips

Our teams visit American cities like Seattle and Santa Monica to connect with our international clients. We have to make sure that Joe isn’t just a name in a Slack channel, don’t we?

Parkside Academy

Improve your skills and take part in training in specializations like Kotlin and WebGL, as well as through collaborative sharing of good practices with people working on other projects.

Parkside community

Our annual summer party is always a good time, and we also organize a variety of summer and winter outdoor activities. Keep it simple? Getting a beer after work with some of the nice people you work with is just one option.

Your perk?

We are continuously improving Parkside and making it a great place to work at. What special benefits would you like to see? Let us know at

Our headquarters

Where ideas are found and put into action.

Our headquarters are located in the center of Graz, UNESCO City of Design in beautiful Austria — right in between the train station and the historical old town. Our 12,000 square feet open office provides lots of space to develop high-end software solutions in a positive atmosphere.

Open spaces.
Three Parkside employees enjoying the sunlit balconies in the office.
Sunlit Balconies? Check.
Academy once a week.
Happy colleagues? You bet!
Coffee breaks? Always.
Fancy sticky notes. We do that! — Sometimes.
Yeah, we put a lot of stuff on the walls. Sometimes upside down.
Happy colleagues? We already said that.
Open spaces.

5 reasons
to work at Parkside

Even when the task is difficult, positivity is an essential part of our culture. The outcome can only be good if people are happy.

Reason 1
Work with and learn from highly skilled people
“I enjoy working with unbelievably talented people. That helps me a lot to improve my skillset.”
Nina Thonegg — Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding
Reason 2
User Experience matters
“We fuse code and design into something valuable, that is more than the sum of its parts. The field of UX is a crucial part of our design process and strongly valued here at Parkside.”
Clemens Posch — Design Director
Reason 3
“I like to self-organize my work on the basis of accepted goals set within the teams I work in.”
Nikolaos Stamatopoulos — Code Wizard
Reason 4
Open-minded colleagues from all over the world
“Working together with open-minded people from different cultures totally changes the working culture itself. I felt that from my first day on at Parkside.”
Rubens Pessoa — Software Engineer
Reason 5
Competence outshines authority
“I like the fact that you don’t need a certain title or status to get heard. Suggestions to improve things are matched against how they create value no matter who brings them in.”
Daniel Fritzsch — Senior Developer
Nina Thonegg — Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding

Graz? Wait, what!?

Located in the heart of Europe, Graz is the perfect spot for working and exploring Europe at the same time. Go for a hike in the impressive Austrian Alps or enjoy a swim in some of the cleanest lakes on earth. Reach exciting cities like Venice, Vienna or Budapest within two to four hours.

Graz is a beautiful university town known for its Mediterranean flair.

Main square at dusk.
The Uhrturm above the red rooftops of Graz.
The view from up there!
A friendly alien & …
… strange archways.
Many places to discover here in Graz…
…and outside of the city.
Main square at dusk.

Employee stories

The products and services we offer are highly diverse. So is our staff. We have people from different backgrounds, nations and cultures with one common goal: Create interactive experiences that people love to use.

Teamlead Quality Assurance
Hello everybody! I’m Sigrid, 29 years old, and if you can code it, I can test it!
Sigrid Prenner — Teamlead Quality Assurance
Senior Mobile & Frontend Developer
Hello, my name is Takwa! I am 30 years old, I come from beautiful Tunisia and I am a senior mobile & frontend developer at Parkside!
Takwa Bouallegue — Senior Mobile & Frontend Developer
VP of Engineering
My name is Thomas Friedl and I’ve been working at Parkside for over 10 years.
Thomas Friedl — VP of Engineering
Staff Software Engineer
Hey Siri/Alexa/Google, I’m Marc. I am 27 years old and a senior mobile developer at Parkside.
Marc Slavec — Staff Software Engineer
Principal Software Engineer
Hi, my name is René. I am 32 years old and a passionate JavaScript Developer from Graz.
René Berger — Principal Software Engineer
Software Engineer
¡Hola! This is Andrea, a 24-year-old Spanish front-end developer!
Andrea Sanchez Blanco — Software Engineer
Sigrid Prenner — Teamlead Quality Assurance
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