What makes us work— Passion, Diverse Cultures, Creativity, 17 Languages, Lots of Jokes, Focus on Quality, Hilarious GIFs, Variety & Challenges, Parties in the Backend, Sweets Galore, Personal Growth, Team Events, Enthusiasm, Laughs
—are talents from all over the world.

Open positions
in Graz, Austria

Work on challenging projects every single day and push your skills to the next level.

Don’t see an open position in line with your skill set?
Send a speculative application to work@parkside-interactive.com.


Work & life

We don’t do ‘all in’ contracts. 38.5 hour flexitime workweek, 25 days of paid vacation and up to 20 days of compensatory time per year.

Latest tech

Choose your own cutting edge laptop, desk & devices. Make use of the latest tech – React, Angular, NodeJS, Swift, WebGL, Kotlin, Docker and more.

Continuous learning

Attend international conferences & external trainings such as ReactiveConf, dotJS, AppBuilders, UXLx or become certified in a topic of your choice like ISTQB®.

Help with relocation

Moving to a new country is challenging. To make things easier, we’ll handle the work permit process (RWR card), cover travel expenses and help out as much as we can.

U.S. trips

Our team frequently visits American metropoles like San Francisco, Seattle and Santa Monica to connect with our international clients and spot palm trees along the way.

Parkside Academy

Take your skills to the next level by attending our in-house Parkside Academy. Specialize in topics like Kotlin and WebGL and learn from seniors.

Parkside get-togethers

At Parkside we don’t just deliver great work – there’s room for a little party in the backend too. Get to know colleagues from other departments at our annual summer party, outdoor activities and more.

Health & well-being

We offer weekly yoga sessions, fresh fruit and some nuts for snacking and energy kicks in between. We’ll even pay your starting fee for business runs and throw in a Parkside T-Shirt.

Individual needs

We are continuously improving Parkside and striving to make it an even greater place to work at. If there are some specific perks and benefits suited to your needs — let’s talk.

Our headquarters

Where ideas are found and put into action.

Our headquarters is based in Graz, UNESCO City of Design in Austria.
The 1.500 m² sleek office space is located right between the train station and the historical old town and provides lots of space to develop the digital applications of tomorrow in an inspiring atmosphere.

Sleek & minimalistic office space.
Three Parkside employees enjoying the sunlit balconies in the office.
Balconies & outdoor area.
Open-minded colleagues to connect with.
Collaborative approach.
Great coffee to sip on.
Agile work style.
Always hands-on.
And a giggle in between.
Sleek & minimalistic office space.

5 reasons
to work at Parkside

No matter how challenging the project or task — positivity & collaboration are essential to our culture.

Reason 1
Challenging projects every single day
"At Parkside, not one day is the same as the next. As the company expands, we get to take on new projects with brands that challenge and excite us and that's where growth happens."
Clemens Posch — Design Director
Reason 2
Open-minded colleagues from all over the world
"When I first started working here at Parkside, I couldn't believe how diverse the team was (and still is). We've got people from over 20 nations and every culture has their own way of looking at things and solving problems."
Rubens Pessoa — Software Engineer
Reason 3
Autonomy and growth like never before
"One of the things I'm a big fan of here at Parkside is the fact that it's highly valued to take ownership. You also don't need a certain title or status to be heard."
Daniel Fritzsch — Senior Developer
Reason 4
Learn from highly skilled colleagues
"I came to Parkside because I wanted to surround myself with more experienced seniors. That way I can learn – and that's exactly what I got."
Nikolaos Stamatopoulos — Code Wizard
Reason 5
There are other important things in life too
"At Parkside, we are expected to deliver great work. But everyone also respects the fact that there are other important things in life too – things like your health and spending time with family."
Nina Thonegg — Human Resources & Employer Branding
Clemens Posch — Design Director

Graz — has potential

Located in the heart of Europe, Graz is the perfect spot for working and exploring Europe at the same time. Go for a hike in the impressive Austrian alps or enjoy a swim in crystal clear lakes. Reach exciting cities and countries like Vienna, Budapest, Italy and Croatia within hours. All of which makes Austria a country with an incredibly high standard of living.

As the UNESCO City of Design, Graz has a deep rooted design culture reflected in annual design competitions, large scale design projects realized and the collective of creative individuals found here.

Historic buildings.
The stories that go with them.
Incredible views.
Futuristic architecture.
And walkways.
Cafes, bars & restaurants.
Beautiful natural surroundings.
Historic buildings.

Employee stories

The products and services we offer are highly diverse. So are our employees. We have people from different backgrounds, nations and cultures with one common goal: to create interactive experiences that people love to use.

UX Designer
¡Pura vida! I am José from Costa Rica and work as UX Designer at Parkside.
José Mario Rodríguez — UX Designer
Teamlead Quality Assurance
Hello everybody! I’m Sigrid, 29 years old, and if you can code it, I can test it!
Sigrid Prenner — Teamlead Quality Assurance
Senior Mobile & Frontend Developer
Hello, my name is Takwa! I am 30 years old, I come from beautiful Tunisia and I am a senior mobile & frontend developer at Parkside!
Takwa Bouallegue — Senior Mobile & Frontend Developer
VP of Engineering
My name is Thomas Friedl and I’ve been working at Parkside for over 10 years.
Thomas Friedl — VP of Engineering
Staff Software Engineer
Hey Siri/Alexa/Google, I’m Marc. I am 27 years old and a senior mobile developer at Parkside.
Marc Slavec — Staff Software Engineer
Principal Software Engineer
Hi, my name is René. I am 32 years old and a passionate JavaScript Developer from Graz.
René Berger — Principal Software Engineer
José Mario Rodríguez — UX Designer
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Nina Thonegg
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