Our Culture

Discover the core of our culture, our values, motivation and how we manage to meet the highest quality standards in all areas.

Our values


Love to create

We work because we want to make things work and we put a lot of energy into it. We work to make tools work, to bring people together, to make their lives easier. We do it because we need to.


Positive impact

Doing the right thing is essential in what we do. Our work has a positive impact on individuals, communities, businesses and the world as a whole. We try to contribute to that in a positive way.


Act like an owner

It’s not just a job to us. Everyone adds value and can contribute to a project. We consider both current and future requirements because the most considerate ideas are often the most effective.


Users first

Thinking like an end user results in the creation of exactly the products that our customers really need. It is all about putting other’s needs above our own and challenging ideas to set new standards.


Focus on quality

Demanding excellence and always striving to be better enables us to meet the high quality standards we have, both for our team and the work we do. Our work reflects our skills and joy.

Our way



Better together

As a team we are greater than the sum of our members. Together everyone achieves more.


Be open

We value proven concepts, but we always remain open to new perspectives, ideas and approaches.


Driven by passion

We are passionate about the work we do. Responding to challenges surrounded by like-minded colleagues is more fun and more effective.


With a smile

Even when the task is difficult, having fun is essential to us. Any work is easier when accompanied by jokes and games.


Be nice

Desire to be successful should never come in the way of mutual respect and consideration.

We are hiring — join us and grow like never before
We are hiring — join us and grow like never before
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