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Andrea Sanchez Blanco
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I come from a small city called Ourense in Galicia, located on the beautiful north-west of Spain. I was born, grew up and studied Computer Science at the University there.

However, I spent half of my studies abroad as I’ve been one year in Finland and one year in California. I love to travel and get to know new cultures, so I chose those destinations for several reasons. Finland because of the good reputation of their education system and because, being at the opposite end of Spain in Europe, it was guaranteed to learn a lot about how they live there. And Hayward/California because I was already on my last year of University and it was a unique and great opportunity to live in the well-known Bay Area for 10 months, with all those big fat tech companies in Silicon Valley – Palo Alto – Mountain View. What unforgettable experiences!

I got to know my Austrian boyfriend in California, I came to visit him and I fell in love with the city of Graz! So right after finishing my studies I landed in Austria for my first real-world job at Parkside! I started my position as a Frontend Developer thanks to my passion for web technologies and loving to be part of a company that values good quality, good UX & Design and excellent and innovative software development, as well as the combination with a strong international and open-minded culture.

Where’s the camera?

Since I started at Parkside I felt like in my own family, everyone was open to talk, ask and help at any time. I’ve been given not only the chance to work on what I love, but also to work with outstanding and experienced colleagues whom to learn from. For me, this has been key to grow professionally in the right direction.

I would also love to mention the fact that, although I also moved to a new country, with a new culture and with a language I didn’t know a single word of, it’s also been a beautiful discovering journey together with the company. The first week I started working I had the luck to attend the summer event, which meant going out for dinner to a so called Buschenschank eating delicious local food. Some months later we had the Christmas party, and a few more months later we went on a Parkside snow-day, enjoying the amazing snowy Austrian mountains. I just love these company events because it’s not only a great way to show us their culture in many ways, but it’s also always a good opportunity to get to know your colleagues better outside the daily routines!

Overall it’s been an exciting time so far at Parkside, and I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds!

“For me, this has been key to grow professionally in the right direction.”

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