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Team Lead Mobile

Marc Slavec

Humans are (still) greater than bots!

About me

I am a local and grew up in a beautiful area pretty close to Graz. While I was attending high school, I did not know which direction I should specialize in. Back then I couldn’t imagine working in the area of computer science.

While I definitely have been interested in the latest tech and how it works, I preferred a soccer game with friends instead of playing computer games. Right before graduation, I dove deeper into the world of technology because of an absolutely thrilling course in school, and somehow my interest increased rapidly. That’s why I decided to study information and computer engineering at the Technical University of Graz. Why did I choose that? It indeed provides a vast knowledge base that includes both worlds: software and hardware. Acquiring expertise in both areas helps to understand the essential concepts and gaining the skill to analyze an issue from both interacting components.

Right before completing my master’s thesis, which was about communicating with BLE devices on iOS devices with a test-driven development approach, I applied at Parkside as a mobile developer to further specialize in the mentioned topic. Already in my first days working there, and even throughout the job interview, I felt comfortable at the company. I experienced quite a sensational start because in my first week I already joined the mobile team to visit a client in Seattle. This indeed helped to get to know the colleagues and also having a great time outside the work environment with them.

Three Parkside employees enjoying the sunlit balconies in the office.

At this time 3 years later, I got the opportunity to be a team lead for a mobile project. Besides the still ongoing task of programming, I communicate more with clients, manage sprints and tasks & try to cover and answer all arising questions from both sides. I am genuinely excited to step out of writing code only but equally executing organizational stuff. Since handling all of those new tasks is comparatively new for me, it is great to have the opportunity to reach out to more experienced team leads and get immediate suggestions from them.

One of my strengths is that I am very detail-oriented, and I can tackle a task considering different perspectives. I don’t have to strictly follow rules when completing tasks – I can use my expertise to figure out which way would work best. That’s another reason why I am enjoying working here at Parkside since instead of following the ordinary process for implementing a feature, we follow creative processes, and sometimes there’s additionally a lot of critical thinking. I enjoy the atmosphere, environment and diverse cultures at Parkside. It’s always thrilling to come here and spend time with colleagues, not exclusively working but also having fun together out of work. This boosts motivation every day, and it feels like working together with friends.

Thinking about my future, there is no reason why I would not follow the development of Parkside. There are many opportunities for every unique person, like becoming a team lead, improving project management skills and many more. I am indeed curious about what comes next, either improving my development skills in various technologies, enhance management skills or maybe switching to a different technology, which is equally possible here at Parkside. I absolutely enjoy having all those opportunities to develop myself as a person and developer.