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Principal Software Engineer

René Berger

Progress never gets boring!

About me

I discovered my interest in Web Development very early on and I soon knew in which direction I wanted to go professionally. Already during my time in high school I realized my first smaller projects and put my theoretical knowledge into practice.

Some time ago I started a master‘s program at Graz University of Technology and I will complete it in the near future. Before I came to Parkside, I threw myself into the adventure of selfemployment for seven successful years. During this time I was able to gain a lot of experience, which I have been using at Parkside for three years in the role of a senior JavaScript/Frontend Developer in a variety of projects.

Currently, I am mainly responsible for Angular Web Apps and I also assist my colleagues with Frontend Development issues. The biggest challenge in our line of work is staying up-to-date in the fast-moving world of Frontend, incorporating new frameworks and technologies into the projects and actually becoming familiar with them in everyday work and not just knowing about them from magazines.

Parkside places an emphasis on individual responsibility and therefore the decision how projects are structured is often up to you. Obviously, one gathers feedback from more experienced colleagues to increase confidence before giving the go-ahead for a new project. I am eager to gain more knowledge and I like to try different things, which I cannot always fit into my schedule at work. For me JavaScript Development is not just an occupation, it’s also my hobby. At Parkside we also get the opportunity to participate in exciting conferences, like the JavaScript Days in Berlin, which is ideal for me.

The relaxed atmosphere, the flexible hours and the opportunity to take on more responsibility are aspects that I value highly at Parkside, as I was used to these things from my time being self-employed. That’s why the change was not too big for me, except now I work in an open space office with many other colleagues. However, if you do need some peace and quiet there are a couple of possibilities for time on your own.

I want to continue specializing in JavaScript/Frontend Development because due to the very active community, there is a constant demand for advancement. That might be learning a new JS framework, gaining experience with hybrid apps, applying a new toolset or going in the direction of fullstack with node.js – it definitely never gets boring.