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Building Operational Excellence

DevOps processes combine development and operations and are key to any business, improving reliability, accessibility, and reducing total costs.

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In a nutshell

While development and operations have traditionally been treated as separate IT disciplines, it is now common to merge them in a philosophy referred to as DevOps. The goal of DevOps is to carry out frequent, continued and iterative improvements to products through measurable changes. With this approach, we drastically reduce the time it takes to roll out features, respond quickly to incidents and significantly improve the security standards of the products we develop.

DevOps at Parkside Interactive

At Parkside Interactive, our DevOps engineers partner with our software developers to implement our DevOps strategy, which consists first and foremost of automation. Saving time by automating menial and cumbersome tasks in operations processes is crucial. In addition, they measure the results of their implementations and make sure to share as much information as possible about incidents to build a vast knowledge base throughout the entire company.

Our DevOps strategy


Reducing organizational silos

To reduce organizational overhead, it is vital that development and operations form one unit.

Implementing gradual changes

Safety and efficiency benefit from small, incremental changes instead of reworking entire structures all at once.

Leveraging tools and automation

Repetitive tasks and manual human effort must be reduced to a minimum.

Measuring everything

Improving DevOps processes relies on drawing conclusions from their effects and adapting them accordingly.

Our DevOps services


Cloud native

More and more software is being written with public cloud offerings tightly integrated. These applications are referred to as being cloud native. We meet our customers wherever their applications call home: AWS, Azure, GCP. From simple deployments to advanced Kubernetes integrations, we provide our expertise to making the applications in our care as performant, cost-effective, reliable, secure, and easy-to-maintain as possible.

Continuous integration

As one of the most important fundamentals of a DevOps culture, continuous integration enables a fast-paced and safe development environment. Its goal is to introduce small changes to the code base with separate pipelines. These can then be individually tested and merged into the main branch. By using branch-based deployments, every feature we develop gets its own working set of services to be tested against. This significantly improves our Quality Assurance process, and allows our clients to preview features while they’re still in development.

Continuous delivery / deployment

Continuous delivery aims to increase the speed and reliability of deployments. Although they used to be labor-intensive events that would normally take place outside of business hours, we have made deployments more frequent and safer using source-controlled pipeline automation, canary or rolling deployments, and automated testing. This increases speed, reduces costs and improves the quality of the product.


Containers, made popular by Docker, have been a blessing for those looking to create consistency between development, staging, and production environments. Applications can be built once, but deployed to a variety of environments with ease. One is able to run multiple versions of the same application without the fear of conflicts since the environments are isolated.

Container orchestration

We love Kubernetes at Parkside Interactive. We can describe the pieces of an application in source-controlled, easy-to-understand yaml files. It has various deployment strategies, secret management, and works in every major cloud provider and can be run on-premise. However, it can be quite intimidating to get started with. Let us help you navigate the complexity and decide if it’s right for you.

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