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Austrian Digital Alliance: Boosting Local Economy

With the Austrian Digital Alliance, we have launched a collaboration with two prominent names of the local digital landscape, BDO and TOWA, to help businesses stem the tide of digital transformation.

A sizeable number of companies and institutions have been caught off guard by the forced digitalization owing to the recent lockdown. As part of the Austrian Digital Alliance, we want to give these businesses the opportunity to modernize without having to run the risk of making exorbitant investments to achieve that. The ADA assembles more than 200 digital experts, including 100 developers, 50 designers and several advisers and marketing experts.

There is a variety of questions that companies which find themselves in need of digitalization are faced with: What does the way to a new software, website or online shop look like? How can I improve upon existing digital solutions with regards to usability and performance? How can I reach a new audience digitally? To provide answers, the Austrian Digital Alliance has conceived of nine distinct packages with which different focus areas can be tackled within a reasonable amount of time. This way, businesses are able to arrive at concrete solutions in as little as two weeks.

With an economy that is undergoing drastic changes, the need to catch up with the technological status quo is clearer than ever. We hope to make our contribution through the ADA and give companies the necessary impetus to not just manage progress but to spearhead it.