Excellent UX: Interview with CCO Syrous Abtine

Sep 18th 2019

When it comes to product design, shaping the UX means shaping the product itself — hardly anything else is as pivotal to its success. To explain what steps are necessary to pave the way to an excellent UX, Syrous Abtine, Chief Creative Officer at Parkside, shares some of the experiences he has made in the field with der brutkasten.

Among other things, he underlines the cardinal importance of an MVP approach (minimum viable product): to produce a version of the product only with the bare necessities, which facilitates testing it as soon as possible. Due to the straightforward nature of MVPs, this process is also considerably simpler and the knowledge gained from these tests can then be used to improve the product iteratively. Syrous also touches on futuristic subjects concerning the development of UX, such as the influence of big data as catalyst of ‘predictive UX’ and mutative designs.

Read the entire interview on der brutkasten (in German).

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