New at Parkside: Christoph Turk

Nov 27th 2019

They are among the most sought-after experts of all Scrum processes: Product Owners. Christoph Turk is one of them and joined us just recently to maximize the value of the products created by our development teams.

What inspires you?

“New ideas above all. When these ideas reinvent existing concepts, when we look at old things afresh. On the one hand in my domain, with regard to business models, but it actually applies on everything. Design and music are also areas where that is crucial. Musicians became famous through establishing new genres and not just by perpetuating the status quo.”

Speaking of music…

“I listen to a lot of things and with great gusto, especially jazz, funk and electro. Metal, on the other hand, is not quite my cup of tea.”

Something you can’t stand at all?

“I find it very hard to name something. Well, actually, butter. I really don’t need butter.”

If you weren’t a Product Owner, what would you be up to now?

“We’re kind of gravitating around a topic here: making music! I play a few instruments, primarily bass but also piano and guitar. For instance, I absolutely love writing music on the piano and experimenting with it. It was in the conservatory that I really discovered a passion for that, thanks in large part to my amazing teacher at the time. During university, I also composed for certain film projects.”

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