Parkside and Leftshift One — How We Made AI User-Friendly

Dec 16th 2020
Parkside_und_Leftshift One_So wird KI greifbar

In collaboration with the Graz-based high-tech company Leftshift One, we have made artificial intelligence tangible for the first time by creating user experience design for their Artificial Intelligence Operating System.

We at Parkside pay special attention to the user experience of digital products, since great UX is a crucial factor that determines whether users will love a digital application or not. Leftshift One decided to leverage our expertise and hired us to create an engaging user experience design for their AIOS (Artificial Intelligence Operating System).

Next-Level User Experience for AIOS

“AIOS by Leftshift One” is Europe’s first independent Artificial Intelligence Operating System (AIOS) that guarantees 100% data security for customers. Thanks to its high flexibility and ready-made AI functionalities, this AIOS offers many different cognitive capabilities, such as text understanding, data analysis, recommendation algorithms, etc.

To make such a complex system user-friendly and more tangible Leftshift One turned to us. Our task was to align the user experience design for AIOS in such a way that the AI processes can be easily and intuitively configured and illustrated. Gaining a detailed understanding of the product and its users was essential for a great user experience in this project as well. And exactly this – understanding something so complex and being able to present it in a simple way – was the biggest challenge for our UX designers in this case.

“Our primary goal is to make processes in our operating system and thus the world of artificial intelligence easily and intuitively accessible to non-experts. Thanks to Parkside’s support, we managed to accomplish that by working together on this innovative project.”

Patrick Ratheiser (CEO) and Christian Weber (CTO) — Leftshift One

The collaboration between our company and Leftshift One was a complete success. Thanks to an outstanding UX design, the use of AIOS is now not only easily understandable for the user, but also possible without an extensive introduction to the system.

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