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UX Workshop Series at HTBLA Kaindorf

Our core values shape not only the identity and culture of Parkside as a company, they act as a guiding light for our employees. Driven by passion and love for design, Kornelia Müller, our senior UX designer, also enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with students and the local UX community. During the last three months, she held a series of workshops at HTBLA Kaindorf (Higher Technical Education Institute) on UX design. Here’s what the workshops looked like and what students have had the opportunity to learn from Kornelia first-hand.

Workshop topics, setup and goals

In an in-depth elective course, HTBLA computer science students became familiar with the theoretical background of UX/UI design, followed by three hands-on workshops.  

01. Start with research

In the first session, Kornelia briefly introduced Parkside to students, explained what we do and how we work. She then moved to UX research, teaching them research mapping, research methods, and the importance of knowing the user, user stories and context. Students left with an assignment to have a look at other websites and create task flows and an information architecture.

02. Create a concept

In the 2nd workshop, Kornelia showed students various types of mockups, gave sketching tips and taught them how to create concepts and test paper prototypes. She also talked about the importance of understanding the content & navigation hierarchy and choosing proper navigation for a website or app. During the class, students have tried out the “Crazy 8’s” (a  core design sprint method & fast sketching exercise), and for homework,  they had to come up with a mockup of their product and test its paper prototype.

UX-Workshop Series - 2.task - create-mockup

02. Create a design

The 3rd workshop was about design style guides, design systems and usability heuristics. Students learned how to create a UI design in Figma and how to come up with a clickable prototype of their design. Their last homework assignment was to implement what they’ve learned so far and create their own UI design together with a clickable prototype.

Final presentation

The icing on the cake was the final presentation of the UI designs and prototypes that students have come up with. We invited them to our headquarter in Graz, where they presented their clickable Figma prototypes and received feedback from Kornelia, their two professors and fellow colleagues.

They also met some of our employees and talk about their work, activities and projects. They had a chance to see first-hand what a software development & UX/UI company looks like, and how our cross-functional teams work together. After the presentations & discussion, we all had a delicious lunch on our terrace.

UX-Workshop Series - Final Presentations

About our cooperation with HTBLA Kaindorf

As a socially conscious and responsible company, we’re actively supporting local education institutes. We believe that the closer connection between the business sector and academic community enables exchange and transfer of knowledge, creates long-term partnerships and encourages innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. These types of cooperation between schools/universities and companies help students to acquire the right skills & mindset and prepare them for the labor market and work life.

This is our third year since we’re working with HTBLA Kaindorf and we’re happy that we have the opportunity to introduce Parkside as a company to their students and support them on their way to achieving educational and professional goals.

“Here at HTBLA Kaindorf, we are always on the lookout for external partners who will transmit the latest know-how, tools and methodologies to our students. Such cooperations often result in joint projects and degree theses with the students. It is important to us not only to teach them theory but also how to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. UX/UI design as a topic is becoming more and more important lately, so we wanted to show our students what it actually is and how successful IT companies are doing it. We mixed several theoretical units with hands-on workshops so students could learn first-hand and get to know the latest tools & technologies. Kornelia Müller is a top expert and working with her and having her on the team was a great pleasure.”

— Dipl.-Ing Christoph Kohlweg, teacher at HTBLA Kaindorf


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UX-Workshop Series at HTLBA Kaindorf

UX Workshop Series at HTBLA Kaindorf