Rolling Pin — Equipping a Job Platform for the Future

To pave the way to a sleek, future-proof and SEO-optimized platform, Rolling Pin collaborated with Parkside to reinvent their online appearance.
To pave the way to a sleek, future-proof and SEO-optimized platform, Rolling Pin collaborated with Parkside to reinvent their online appearance.
Rolling Pin
Business Challenge
Overhaul the Rolling Pin platform with a sleek and modern design and UX. Combine several data sources and workflows into a scalable and maintainable system with state-of-the-art technology.

In a nutshell

The relaunch of the Rolling Pin platform improved upon all aspects of their previous system. A rebuilt technological foundation ensures that the platform performs well and remains stable and scalable. With a new look, a modern tech stack, and with a mobile app project well under way, Rolling Pin is all set to further extend their influence on an international level.

About Rolling Pin

With thousands of open positions, Rolling Pin is one of the biggest and most successful job platforms in the gastronomy and hotel sectors in the DACH region. As a publisher of their own magazine, they have a substantial international reach in the web as well as in print and social media and serve both employers and applicants.

Project overview


2017 – 2019


User Research
UX/UI Design


Lumen (PHP), Swagger, WordPress, React, TypeScript, Docker, Kubernetes, Ruby, NginX, ElasticSearch, Kibana, MySQL, Redis

Challenges and objectives

Our collaboration with Rolling Pin began with our outstanding design that completely revamped the existing UX and UI of the platform. During the design process, one of our guiding principles was to harmonize the look and feel of the platform with Rolling Pin’s magazines to ensure a consistent and persuasive online appearance.

In terms of technological development, the first and foremost challenge was to centralize all the systems that provide content for Rolling Pin. To that end, we played a major strategic role in developing a new architecture that would significantly reduce administrative expenditures.

Our solution

One of the principal tasks in devising a new architecture was to seamlessly integrate the external CRM system that provides all data for the career platform. This integration was built on a completely new tech stack and it should allow the Rolling Pin staff to optimize their internal processes considerably.

In the next step, we fine-tuned the interplay of the job platform with the management of the editorial content through WordPress. For the frontend of these two constituent parts, we utilized React to provide a smooth and ideal frontend UX. Furthermore, optimal SEO rankings are made possible thanks to a pre-rendering service that adapts the website content for search engines.

Innovative build system

One other aspect where Rolling Pin could benefit from our expertise was the innovations we had introduced to the system administration of our client projects with our novel build system.

A key advantage of this system is to be able to test individual feature branches swiftly and comfortably. This was realized with Buildkite, a CI/CD platform that creates builds for the code in our repositories, which are then deployed to Kubernetes. Thanks to that process, every branch has its own link that provides access to the newest build. Thus, QA and developers can test the same build of a feature and work together more efficiently.

“The multilayered nature of the project made it clear that we needed to use our own build system for an efficient development process.”

Nikolaos Stamatopoulos
— DevOps / Backend Developer

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