Solving problems and adapting to what users need.


Solving problems and adapting to what users need.

At the beginning of any product is its design. It is through developing a concept for it that we answer the most critical questions any vision must have answers to. What should your brand look like? Who is your target audience? How can your business and brand be translated into a digital product? What is at the heart of attractive design is intelligent problem-solving which makes sure users can identify with a product that provides excellent usability.

Time and again, we are commended on our designs and have already been recognized in international awards. Here’s why:

  • one of the biggest design teams in Austria
  • extensive collaboration with all creating teams such as BizDev and software development for intelligent and practical design
  • interacting and researching directly with users anywhere

The way we are designing is founded on a set of best practices and processes we call DesignOps. Its goal is to introduce procedures from software development to design processes and thereby optimize them. This approach brings significant improvements to three major aspects of design:


How designers collaborate between each other and with different departments, how they are hired and how they can develop


Standardizing and consistently applying workflows, principles, tools and systems


What are the conditions for the project and its success, what metrics are important for the team and how can success be measure and defined

Our design services

Whether you already have a fleshed-out brand or are still at the beginning stages of your business, we can step in at any point and design the product you envision.

Digital Product Design

Designing a product means much more than just creating screens and wireframes. It is about creating an entire overarching concept for multiple platforms. The goal is one cohesive experience with which the user feels at home wherever and whenever he uses the product.

Digital Branding

The entirety of a product’s design hinges on the brand that stands behind it. We can develop an entirely new brand or refine an existing one and devise strategies on how they can be best represented in digital applications.

Hi-fi Click Dummies

When we are about to put the finishing touches to our designs, it is time to construct click dummies with them. They are a crucial tool not only for conducting user tests and improving the design but also to provide our development teams with as good a basis as possible to translate visuals into code.

User Interface Design

While the branding process consists of defining a visual style for a product, user interface design means to roll out and apply this style onto all screens of a product together with its components and UI elements. This is an important stage where additional things have to be conceptualized or existing ones reworked.

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