Product Development.

Agile, flexible, combining disciplines.

Product Development.

Agile, flexible, combining disciplines.

Product development is the entirety of stages that make up the creation of a digital product, from the birth of a vision to its realization, launch and maintenance. When it comes to teaming up for the development of a product, our experience with clients and products from vastly different areas of the market such as finance, aviation, photo editing and many more allows us to fully adapt to your needs.

In most cases, our collaboration begins in one of the following ways:

With a direction

You already have a very concrete idea of your product as well as its features and capabilities. You know how you want it to produce revenue. This is where we begin with UX/UI work and define personas, flows and the overall look & feel for your new software. Whether or not you already have an existing application, we are poised to take care of the entire design and subsequent development of your new product.

From scratch

You have a vision for a product but your business has remained analogue so far. You want to explore and determine in concrete terms how digitalization can support your business. Together in custom workshops, we examine every detail of your business model to work out how going digital could improve and optimize your processes. This allows you to get an impression of the potential of a product without starting off with bottomless and rushed investments into development.

Visualization of our product development process
Why agile?

Time and again we have proven to our clients why an agile development approach is the best thing for them and their product. It is a reflection of the reality of product development: Hardly any product can be fully conceived from head to toe at the very beginning, nor can its costs be estimated right away.

Only as the product takes shape and specifications materialize can its actual development effort be gauged. Iterative investments with an agile framework instead of fixed prices therefore allow our clients to save great sums when discovering that a product cannot be realized with its initial concept.

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Product Thinking

We are familiar with widely diverse markets and products and immerse fully in their business, its mechanisms and how a new or improved product fits into their market landscape.

Combining disciplines

The overhead of working with multiple partners for consulting, design and development is an unnecessary burden for a project. We offer all these services in-house, not only saving costs but significantly improving the collaboration between these disciplines and consequently the product.

Flexible resources

Depending on the current state of the project and what we and our clients prioritize, we seamlessly integrate new people and expertise into the project whenever necessary.

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