Quality Assurance.

For software that stands the test of time.

Quality Assurance.

For software that stands the test of time.

At Parkside, we strive for the highest possible quality in all our projects. Quality Assurance is essential in achieving this goal in design, development and processes alike.

A high level of quality should be part of all processes and roles involved in the development cycle. This can start as early as in the design phase and is of course continuously enforced during the development of the product. Our software testers work closely with the developers and are incorporated into the process as early as possible. This ensures not only faster and more efficient development but also an overall increase in quality.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance or QA is a way of maintaining a high standard for our internal processes as well as the software we develop for our clients. Among other things, our QA team tests new features as soon as they are made ready by our developers. They examine the feature and its exact functionality and create extensive test reports detailing existing issues and bugs that must be addressed by design or development.

Why is QA important?

Quality Assurance helps us to provide our customers with the best possible software. A high quality software product or service, not only ensures a smooth user experience and performance. It also increases the trust a user has in the software and by extension the trust a user has in our client’s company.

How can early involvement of QA speed up the development of your software product or service?

In the past, software testers were often only involved in a last step before the release. The result of that was that major issues and bugs, when detected, could cause delays and additional costs or even be overlooked due to an inordinate amount of workload and time pressure for the testers.

Nowadays, the value of early and continuous testing throughout the development cycle is more and more recognized and something we heavily promote at Parkside. The earlier an issue is detected, the less time it costs to fix it. Therefore, Quality Assurance in a software project not only increases the overall quality of the finished software — it can also prevent delays and late-in-the-game changes as well as save costs on development.

What we offer
Expertise in automation testing, manual testing and test management
A highly qualified and certified team of software testers
A level of testing and QA involvement scalable to your individual needs
Our QA services

No matter whether they are part of a mobile or web project, our dedicated QA team has experience in a wide range of testing technologies and strategies.

Functional and non-functional testing

Our team of manual and automation testers work together to make sure that the quality of your software is up to high standards and that all your requirements are met. This covers functional testing, which ensures that your software works as it is supposed to, and your requirements are met, as well as non-functional testing focusing on smooth user experience beyond functionality (e.g. design, performance, etc.). 

Test automation

Test automation is a fast and reliable technique to test software on a regular basis. While manual testing is still an important part of our QA processes, automated tests can be used to cover the most important and repeatable flows as well as complex scenarios in your software, which usually eat too much time to be done manually. This allows us to discover issues during implementation and before anyone else does.

Test management

For bigger projects, especially those involving sensitive data, we need to be able to react swiftly to possible changes and issues. That’s why we offer test management. Test management tracks all requirements, use cases and correlating test cases so that the status of the quality of the product can be determined at any given moment and issues can be traced back to their cause quickly and easily while keeping costs in check.

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