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Custom Software Development

By using the latest technologies, our engineering teams develop high-quality & maintainable custom software. Whether Frontend, Backend or Mobile development, we help you to build exactly the digital products you need.

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What is
custom software development?

In contrast to commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), custom software development is the process of creating an individual software product or component from scratch or adapting & upgrading an existing one. Besides programming, our engineering teams also take care of documenting, testing, bug fixing and maintaining applications. They implement strategies and turn ideas into an actual digital product or feature tailored to the specific needs and challenges of each of our customers.

Our service offering

Next level software development for secure, modern, functional and beautiful digital products and services

Software development




Platform development

Software quality

Software security

Quality assurance

DevOps & SecOps

Technology consulting

Trainings & workshops

Source code audits

Test automation strategy

System architecture

Software development

Your products are highly versatile and so are our competencies, expertise and our tech-stack.

Our extensive industry knowledge allows us to create products and platforms that not only have stunning user interfaces but are also are highly functional, maintainable and scalable. Naturally, this goes not only for the development of responsive websites but also for mobile app and platform development.

Software quality

Quality Assurance, DevOps & SecOps — essential parts of our software development process

To ensure that our software products are up to the highest possible standard in terms of reliability, infrastructure, security, compliance, performance, user experience, and that they fulfill their initial purpose, we pay special attention to QA, security, DevOps & SecOps. Even if we didn’t develop the software, we can still do a code review & infrastructure check to detect potential vulnerabilities and possible optimizations. Find out more about our services here.

Technology consulting

Are you unsure about the choice of the right tech stack or do you need help with a particular technology? You want to introduce or optimize test management or have your source code audited by external experts?

Whatever your concern, our in-house experts will gladly assist you in your decision-making process and show you which technology or configuration is optimal for your project. We also offer trainings and workshops for various frameworks, as well as process assessment and system architecture consulting.  Benefit from the latest know-how and our 15 years of experience in software development.

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Why we make a difference

Technology expertise

When working with Parkside you can count on in-house experts for all common platforms and technologies as well as latest know-how in QA, DevOps & SecOps areas.

Cross-functional teams

Our interdisciplinary teams cover all stages of custom software development — from conception & design to programming & quality assurance.

Agile and iterative workflows

Thanks to agile project management and an iterative approach we deliver a high-quality product on time and on budget

Parkside Interactive®

This is where custom development and design begins.
Next level digital delivery and success is where it ends.

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What our clients say about us

“This experience far exceeds my experience with other companies. From a technical point, it was outstanding. They also generate great ideas.”

Red Bull Media House
Project Manager

“Parkside’s work was a game changer for They allowed us for the first time to fulfill our ubiquity strategy of everywhere, all the time. The apps gained the highest reviews in company history.”

Eric Robison

“The experts brought in by Parkside showed exemplary commitment, perseverance, a solution-driven attitude as well as seniority that can facilitate the business decisions also on the client side.”

Mikko Knuuttila

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