Software Development.

Based only on the most modern technologies.

Software Development.

With the expertise to build beautiful products that work.

Our engineering teams consist of specialists in custom software development and use their expertise to build exactly the products that our clients need.


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The goal of any strategy is its implementation, which for the digital products we build is based only on the most modern of technologies. We choose these with our clients’ best interests in mind and exploit the vast repertory of existing libraries and frameworks to build products that stand the test of time.

Depending on the size of the platform, custom software development can be an enormous project all by itself that involves work on many different endpoints. Chief among those is the development of the frontend, i.e. the visual and functional interface of a product that a user interacts with. Of course, the frontend relies on the backend to provide and manage data. Furthermore, it is becoming more and more crucial to offer products on mobile devices and this is achieved with mobile development. Finally, combining all of the aforementioned aspects is our definition of platform development, which again requires special expertise.

The products and platforms we build provide outstanding user experience.
This is why they excel:

opinion leaders and experts for all common platforms

continuous development together with in-house design experts
agile and iterative MVP approach
Our individual services

Our extensive industry knowledge allows us to accompany and develop your project on all layers and platforms of a digital product.

Frontend Development

Shaping the elements an end user interacts with not only requires excellent designs but also flawless technical implementation. Frontend development serves exactly that purpose — realizing stunning user interfaces by moulding HTML, CSS and JavaScript into one smooth and performant unit using modern frameworks.

Backend / API Development

What any product, device or machine relies on to provide functionality is its inside. A great deal of work goes into the conception and implementation of our backends and APIs as well as their architecture. Fine-tuning them is not only vital for retrieving and providing data as efficiently as possible, but it also lays the groundwork for ensuring scalability and maintainability.

Mobile Development

Whereas once the digital world used to be governed by our desktop devices, today it is mobile devices which dominate and inform every aspect of software development. Naturally, this factors not only into the development of responsive websites but also into mobile app development. While we prefer native app development for an ideal user experience, our final approach will be fitted exactly to our client’s product based on its size and requirements.

Platform Development

It is when the time for a product comes to combine all the aforementioned disciplines that we talk about a platform. The challenge in platform development lies in the fact that it has to be one continuous and uniform experience where frontend, backend and mobile harmonize in performance, responsiveness and look & feel. Our extensive knowledge about platform development goes back to as early as 2007 when our collaboration with video2brain began.

Our tech stack
Angular, React
NestJS, Java, Laravel, Go
Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, cloud-hosted variations
Operations / Tools
Kubernetes, NGINX, Swagger, Sonarqube, Keycloak
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