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Design & Technology Consulting

Take the guesswork & experimentation out of the game and make the right decisions regarding the latest tech stack, software development, UX/UI design, and digital product development. Let’s evaluate your options and make the right choice together.


Our mission

These days, the development of a new digital product calls for numerous requirements and expectations to be addressed. Software should be functional, modern, fast, secure, bug-free, adapted to users’ needs and visually appealing. To fulfill all these criteria, a consulting partner with extensive know-how in various disciplines is often required. That’s where we come into play.

Our service offering

Combined disciplines for state-of-the-art digital product development

Digital business consulting

Digital product conception & creation

Developing digital business models

Digital project setup & management

Technology consulting

Frontend/backend/mobile development

Software security

Quality assurance

System architecture

DevOps, SecOps & SRE

Design consulting

Product thinking

Human-centered design

DesignOps consulting

Digital business consulting

Leverage our rich experience in various areas of digital business development to launch new digital services, rethink old business procedures and improve products — both internal applications as well as the software used by customers

Thanks to more than 500 successfully completed projects we are able to identify growth areas in the digital space — B2B, B2C, C2C, or any other segment. In this way, not only do we help companies stay competitive but also achieve success in the short-, mid- and long-term. Our clients use our digital business consulting services to easily develop new market and customer segments, improve customer experience, reduce costs and operational risks, increase revenue and thus improve their overall business performance.

Technology consulting

Are you unsure about the choice of the right tech stack or do you need help with a particular technology? You want to introduce or optimize test management or have your source code audited by external experts? Or maybe you have been working with external (near- or off-shore) IT-partners but their deliveries didn’t meet the expected quality standards?

Whatever your concern, our in-house experts will gladly assist you in your decision-making process and show you which technologies or configuration is optimal for your project. We also offer training and workshops for various frameworks, as well as process assessment and system architecture consulting.  Benefit from the latest know-how and our 15 years of extensive experience in various areas:

Design consulting

Leverage our expertise in user experience and design to find solutions to current problems, explore new or optimize your product’s existing features and establish design processes within your own team.

Successful products are not only visually appealing to your audience, they are also highly tailored to your users’ needs. With the right design tools, methodologies based on design thinking, and a human-centered approach, we create the ultimate user experience for your users. Our teams of experienced designers, engineers, and product managers use innovation sprints to generate ideas, validate concepts, prove technologies, create prototypes and ensure that products resonate with users.

years of experience
UX & UI designers
successful projects

Why we make a difference

External view

Our teams of experts with more than 15 years of experience and broad industry knowledge ensure a steep learning curve. Thanks to the latest technologies, they drive innovation through proof of concept and develop your minimum viable product (MVP).

International project experience

Rely on the highest adherence to deadlines — we deliver results. In this way, we shorten the
time-to-market and ensure that you can meet internal deadlines. We communicate transparently and can act flexibly as consultants, implementers or project partners.

Competitive edge

Instead of trying to keep up with the market, rely on our experienced consultants to provide you with latest insights, trends & technologies in the software industry so that you can focus on what’s most important to you — your business and your customers.

Parkside Interactive®

This is where custom development and design begins.
Next level digital delivery and success is where it ends.

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What our clients say about us

“The experts brought in by Parkside showed exemplary commitment, perseverance, a solution-driven attitude as well as seniority that can facilitate the business decisions also on the client side.”

Mikko Knuuttila

“This experience far exceeds my experience with other companies. From a technical point, it was outstanding. They also generate great ideas.”

Red Bull Media House
Project Manager

“Parkside’s work was a game changer for They allowed us for the first time to fulfill our ubiquity strategy of everywhere, all the time. The apps gained the highest reviews in company history.”

Eric Robison

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