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User Interface Design

As part of our visual design services, UI design brings together various elements and processes such as: information architecture, interaction design, digital branding with one main goal — to create digital products that people will love to use.

In a nutshell

The word “interface” refers to the access point where a user interacts with an application, a website, or a device. When designing a user interface (UI) we’re, therefore, focusing on usability, interactivity, and stylistic appearance of a product. A UI designer visually depicts the interactions a user has with a product to build an interface that best adapts to the user’s needs. Since these elements affect the interface usability, they must be planned accordingly. For that, we need to find the way to connect user behavior, colors, typography and images of a design to the brand of a product.

How we make your digital product stand out and feel more human

By considering existing branding and design methodologies, we bring corporate identity
as well as logic and structure to the UI design of a certain digital product. Components are crafted on top
of a visual language and then assembled into modules and pages. Based on brand guidelines, the visual language
defines the typography, colors, shapes, grid, and interactions, which are then assembled into interface elements such as
buttons, navigation, iconography, etc. User trust is built on an abstract level, through various levels of the UI.

Our user interface design services

Designing for accessibility

Improving your product’s accessibility can improve usability for all users who are unfamiliar with the technology but also for people with some kind of disability.

Visual impairments, blindness, hearing impairments, cognitive impairments, motor impairments, or situational disabilities (e.g., a broken arm) require UI adjustments such as larger buttons, larger and more contrasting text, and streamlined functionality.

Multi-platform & responsive UI

Same products are used and interacted with differently on various devices.

A UI that works very well on a mobile device, will have a compromised user experience if used on a desktop or a large touch screen unless that particular device’s usability factors are considered. These UI differences have to be taken into account when designing a multi-device responsive UI. A mobile application will behave and feel differently from its desktop equivalent.

Prototyping & clickdummies

Before making the finishing touches to the design, it is important to create click dummies — rudimentary design prototypes of the product / app / website that we use to test how people would interact with them.

They are a crucial tool not only for conducting user tests and improving the design but also to flush out problems and issues that may arise during development. We create clickable prototype that quickly identify design, usability and accessibility issues, thus avoiding costly modifications further down the road.

Expert reviews

Our UI experts can assess the UI of a particular digital product by taking into account both the visual design and user experience. We identify accessibility issues and provide improvement suggestions — quick wins for rapid improvement as well as more general recommendations.

We check design consistency, layout and visual clarity, legibility, accessibility, data visualization, navigation and information architecture, language, mobile usability and touchscreen users, error handling, forms and feedback, calls to action (CTA). For each problem identified, we provide suggestions and solutions which will optimize your user interface rather than completely redesign it. This allows for faster and more effective implementation.

On a final note

As a critical part of any software product, the user interface (UI) can make or break user- and customer experience. Leverage our UI design services to make digital interactions your users have with your product or service as simple, fluid, intuitive and efficient as possible.

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