A Parkside Christmas Poem

Kenan Kokić
Dec 17th 2019

At a time so serene and so tranquil as this,
it seems right we should ponder, we should reminisce
about weeks that have passed — that were such a delight

ere the chiming of sleigh bells resounds through the night.

So we start with a talk by a legend, a star,
a wizard of code with this je ne sais quoi,
on Git operations, on push and on pull,
on security bugs of which systems were full.
Nik told us what’s new and how DevOps should work
and builds be deployed so no dangers would lurk.

In other adventures and other pursuits,
we want to help talents and IT recruits.
Thus Juan, our Angular guru, took part
in the
ngGirls workshop for women whose heart
skips a beat for all coding and buffers and strings,
for objects and enums and many more things.

Then without much delay we were given once more
an Academy talk we’d been all waiting for,
where Takwa so aptly described and explained
how in PicMonkey’s text rendering she was trained.
So she showed us how letters of pixels are made
and the nuts and the bolts and the tricks of the trade.

But for now, our story, it is at an end
and thus our very best wishes we send
to whoever’s been with us, whoever shall be
and whoever this horrible poem will see.
We wish you a Christmas with presents aplenty,
we hope you tune in for 2020!