Internships 2019: A Summer at Parkside

Oct 28th 2019

Not for the first time have we had the pleasure of welcoming two interns this summer at Parkside: Laura and Gwen. During their internships, they had the opportunity to work with a different team every two weeks and explore their respective projects, all the while making invaluable contributions with their immense enthusiasm. This is what they had to say about their stay.

“Our first stop was the web team. We took care of some onboarding tasks on the first day and then got straight into Selenium testing. The idea of having browser tests that run automatically and save you a lot of time is already great, but developing them yourself is definitely even more fun! At the end of our first two weeks in the web team, we got to present our tests we’d developed for one of their projects and after some initial hiccups, they worked really well.

Afterwards, we got to join the awesome PicMonkey team. Sigrid, the QA Lead there, introduced us together with our internship mentor Sarah to the QA processes at PicMonkey and soon had us test ourselves. In addition, everyone in the team gave us an overview of what they were working on and what technologies they were using, which was riveting.

“Parkside is awesome — if I decide to work in Graz, I hope I can work here!”

One of the highlights of our internships was the Angular Bootcamp with Juan, most definitely. He took us over the basics and the tasks we received afterwards were really well designed. Most of the time it was completely up to us to find our own solutions and we appreciated that trust a lot.

Finally, the regular after work drinks and the summer event were delightful. Combined with the talented foosballers, the fantastic work atmosphere and the countless technologies that we could learn, there’s no doubt we will remeber our stay here for a long time to come!”

“You have a special place in my memories!”

We’re always on the lookout for enthusiastic talents with a passion for software development or design. If you’re looking for an internship and are interested in getting to know us, don’t hesitate to send us a speculative application at

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